Are You Watching Me?

Are you watching me?

Are you sitting back comfortably while my life spirals out of control?

As I take the face-exploding punches that come after each right thing I do.

As I meet the soul-crushing walls with each good decision I make.

And while I am knocked out, falling further away, do you hear me screaming a silent prayer, doomed before it begins?

As I feebly hope for a mildly interested audience, I am left to meet my rocky landing alone.

Do you witness the still, sharp silence as it obliterates my entire being into a million neglected pieces?

Can you feel my children cradle, comfort, soothe these pieces of me in their brave despair, until I am somehow put back together?

Do you notice that I seem to lose a piece of me with each crash? Each time I wonder in vain hope if it will be my last.

Are you watching me?

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